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App install ads have been the star of mobile advertising in recent years.

Httpool has featured in a success story published by Twitter introducing The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Asia’s Twitter mobile app install campaign managed by our Hong Kong Team.

Httpool leveraged promotable tweets and app install cards, and designed and executed the campaign with the goal of promoting and driving installs of the new WSJ iOS app in the APAC region.

Click to read the full WSJ Twitter Mobile App Ad Campaign Case Study


Clearly define the target audience.

Pinpoint a highly relevant audience through the use of keyword targeting, interest targeting, and geo targeting.Target people who used Twitter on a new Apple device within one month of purchase, as this timeframe is when users are most active in downloading apps.

WSJ Twitter App Install Ad 1

Use simple, direct messaging with an offer.

Tweet copy emphasizes the features and benefits of the app.

Highlight the app’s inclusion with a WSJ subscription.

WSJ Twitter App Install Ad 2

Use mobile app promotion to drive cost-effective installs.

Take advantage of Twitter’s targeting capabilities to connect with an engaged Twitter audience who were receptive to the app.

Track the number of app installs, and make mid-campaign targeting adjustments according to the results to improve the efficiency of the campaign.

WSJ Twitter App Install Ad 3

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