For Advertisers


Cross channel approach increases advertising efficiency.

Cross channel approach enables advertisers to exploit synergies among multiple channels. Furthermore, managing Display, Video, Social and Search from a single point simplifies execution and improves optimization.

Cross channel advertising follows perspective customers through their purchasing paths:

  • creates brand or product awareness through high reach on relevant websites and high impact and engaging ad formats such as video and engagement ads,
  • stimulates consideration and purchase intent with display and social and
  • ensures presence within purchase decision phase with performance advertising, Search Engine Marketing and Re-targeting.

Choose among channels

Display Network

Targeted Display Ads are essential for branding.

Display network covers mobile and desktop devices and offers controlled and disclosed inventory on premium and verticals as well as mobile applications.

Display network consists of 1000s of local premium and secondary premium sites across Httpool’s 16 CEE and Asian countries.

Additionally, it includes major global publishers, from BBC, AOL, Huffington Post to verticals like TechCrunch, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.



Video Network

Share your story through the Video Network!

By 2017 internet users will be generating 3 trillion minutes of video content per month, while today, already 74 % of internet users regularly watch online video content. This offers advertisers major opportunities, especially since online video advertising provides better targeting and overall higher impact than TV ads.

Httpool Video Network offers InBanner, InArticle and InStream video ad formats across mobile and desktop devices. It offers controlled and disclosed environment, including premium and mid-size publishers as well as mobile applications.

  • InBanner: impacts purchase intent within standard ad placements.
  • InArticle: supports branding objectives with video ad displayed within articles.
  • InStream: supports branding objectives with a hard to miss format and enables long brand exposure (shown pre-, mid-, post – video content).
video network.png


Engagement Network

Can you imagine limitless engagement opportunities within the ad?

Engaging with target audience has a meaningful brand impact, however, engaging users is becoming increasingly challenging.

Advertising on Engagement Network is a perfect solution for impacting the non-clicker. Engagement within banner ads can be triggered with quiz, video gallery, sweepstakes, or other valuable actions.

The Engagement ad format is optimized for either desktop or mobile and delivered across premium and secondary premium local and global websites as well as mobile applications.


Cross Channel Performance Solution

Achieve maximum conversions within your advertising budget

Channels, such as Display, Video and Social play an essential role in building awareness and increasing purchase intent, however, their contribution to the final conversion is often underestimated.

By advertising throughout the whole purchase funnel, from creating brand awareness to generating sales leads, Cross Channel Performance Solution provides not only better results but a stronger understanding of the performance of an individual channel and synergies among multiple channels.

Httpool significantly improves efficiency of performance campaigns by applying a cross channel approach, best-of-breed technologies and leveraging extensive experience.

Social Solution

Leverage the full potential of social media advertising!

Social media has significantly changed the way brands engage with their customers and provided environment for less formal communication. Social media enables engagement with target audience and provides highly targeted advertising opportunities based on extensive user data. To leverage these benefits, ads should be tailored to audience segments and continuously optimized.

Managing campaigns manually is extremely challenging, as there are far too many critical dimensions to optimize upon in real time

Httpool’s Social Solution leverages advanced proprietary and licensed technology, enabling high relevancy of ads, segmented targeting and automatic bidding and optimization, while providing better understanding of customers’ needs and preferences in post-campaign analysis. It is a complete solution for advertising on social media, tailored to advertisers’ objectives.